About Me & PR Info

 Who am I?


My name is Jonneatha Boggs but on the blogosphere I am known as Neatha. I am 26 years old and have been blogging for 13 years. I work from home part time as a Market Research Interviewer and I am also a Travel Agent for Extended Stay America. I am a former Miss Teen Kentucky County Fair and participated in pageants for 22 years. I am now a County Fair pageant judge and plan to take the training to be a certified Miss Kentucky Pageant judge. I have also had training in modeling and acting and starred in the move “iGirl: A Teen Survival Guide.” I love to write and previously wrote an article called “Teen Beat” for the Jackson Times newspaper out of Jackson, KY. I graduated in December of 2011 with my certificate in Appalachian Studies and am currently working on my Bachelors of Science in Information Technology. Blogging allows me to reach another level of writing. It allows me to keep other mothers informed of great products that are worth buying, but also allows me to let people see my beginnings of photography, share my opinions and my life with people that hopefully can relate but my main niche is talking to women about dealing with depression, anxiety and being and single mom through my eyes. I am also an active member of social networking sites such as Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Bloggy Moms, Blogher, BlogFrog, and Mommy Bloggers Club.

About My Blog

What is my blogs purpose?

“Twinkle in Time” was officially created October 2009 when I decided to move from my previously private Livejournal blog. The original plan of the blog was to keep friends and family updated through my journey of pregnancy, college, work and just life in general. Over the last three years I have reviewed products, promoted brands I am fond of, my picture editing and write about my journey through motherhood as a single mother, depression, anxiety, friendships, relationships, work and everything in between. My goals are to connect with other mothers allowing them see brands I believe in while also letting them have a peak into my life all while learning about depression and saving one’s relationship.

What social media do I use and what are my stats?

 As of March 2013 I had 1,744 page loads, 439 of which were first time visits. When I advertise I use both personal and blog social media outlets some of which are Twitter (334 followers), Facebook (1,225 friends), Blogfrog (56 followers), and my Blog (40 followers). I am also a member of Mommy Bloggers Club, Blogher, Pinterest, Instagram, and Google+.

Advertising Options
Premium ad packages are a great way to make connections with thousands of households. This package includes one above the fold 125×125 ad square, or 728x90 ad under the header, and one optional review (must provide item for review) and/or giveaway post (you provide shipping).

Sidebar ads are available in two sizes (125×125 and 160×600) and in a number of placements. They can be purchased for a month or longer block of time.

Giveaways are another way to gain exposure for your product. A minimum of 1 prize winners is requested with you providing the shipping.

Product and Service Reviews are available on a limited basis. My purpose in reviewing products is to find things that fit the needs of my family and makes life either more fun or easier. You must be willing to send one of your products to me before I will do the review. The review will also be broadcast on twitter and facebook. If I do a review of your product it will be my honest opinion as well as how I used it, and how it could be helpful to my readers and I. The review will also include pictures and sometimes a small video of them in use.

What do you get for sponsoring me for a conference? 


 For sponsoring me you will be get above the fold ad space in my side bar (160x600) or a ad right blow my header (728x90). I do offer to customize ads if that is needed. There will also be hyperlink integration into my blog articles until the week after the conference. Any future references to the conference after that will also include hyperlink since you were my sponsor. I will also give you weekly ad tweets on my twitter leading up to the conference and daily ad tweets during the conference. I will use traceable links and screenshots if requested but all tweets will have a specific hastag included in them. If you provide me clothing that has your logo and is the appropriate size I will wear that during the conference. If you provide me with logo bags or stickers to place on my messenger bag, cell phone, and anything else I can place then on. I will also have a link to you on my business cards made for the conference.
If you’re interested in learning more about these advertising opportunities and the prices please feel free to email me at  
zanda.boggs @ yahoo.com