Saturday, May 16, 2015

Why I Am Honest About My Depression, Being a Single Parent, and My Relationships.

Recently I was told that I should not tell people about my blog....that I should keep it to myself. Each of us has our niches of people that we talk to and market towards. Mine is just one that people don't like to talk's the elephant in the room.

My life is an open book for the world to read and before I die I will probably have this printed out so that my kids can know me through my words. Life throws us curve balls that we don't expect and we deal with them.

I write about dealing with my depression because women won't talk about it. I write about my anxiety and raising the kids as a single parent because there are other women like me. Maybe it is you that I am writing for. I don't do this for page views or money I do this because medical pages can't truly do justice to how a mother with depression feels. Because people are just now accepting single parenthood as the norm.

I write because I am not alone and if it costs me a job along the way but helps save someone from feeling alone that they take their life....then that is my calling.

I don't write for your enjoyment. I write because someone has to be willing to talk about the uncomfortable topics.