Wednesday, April 8, 2015

My Name Poem

So tonight I was writing a little something and decided to share it. From my notes to you here is my latest poem.
My Name by: Zanda Boggs
Hands to the keys to express how I feel
Some times it's like I'm made of steel
Surviving till the next meal
But it's all to hide something deeper 
Like I'm the secret keeper 
But it's not getting cheaper
A soul costs a lot 
There is no second thoughts
There is a war to be fought 
Inside myself.
A man once told me I was hurting
But I see it as flirting
With the dark side twisting and turning
I am learning 
But the darkness is disconcerting
So I stick to the shadows 
See there is no words to explain
No one can take the blame 
I am not insane 
But there is no flame 
Just sparks 
Waiting to ignite into a blaze
To enter a new faze 
To come out of the daze
To lift up the haze 
And be once again free.
To dive into the situation 
with lovesick infatuation 
To try come the determination 
of who is me.
Got lost along the way 
So sorry for the delay
There is so much I can say 
But I will with my name 
Its Zanda.