Monday, December 15, 2014

Depression and Anixiety

Life is not easy.....the depression is like a dark cloud lingering over me that the medicine just stops the rain. The anxiety is the worst part....the shaking so bad....the panic the swells in my chest. I wish things were better I wish I could fix them but we do this one step at a time though.

There is a rift in my family bro doesn't like the guy I have been talking to so it has put a strong tension and has my bro talking about leaving.....that stresses me out to no end...because while I do have a few other family brother is the only one I am close to since my parents were killed. I just want peace for once instead of constant drama I want my family happy.

My kids are growing leaps and bounds its crazy. Xay is in 7's with a belt because he is so tall and Ziah who is now 7 1/2 months is so rolly poley is in 9-12months. Its much her personality is coming out. She cut 2 teeth now and has lived up to her Mamaw's nickname of "Fussy Mussy" she is spoiled rotten.

I don't know my psychologist wants me to journal out my feelings more to get it all out but there is so much I don't want to say but I guess I will work through it all....just bare with me along the way