Thursday, November 6, 2014

Random Accidents

I  could write a thousand words and still not touch half of the thoughts going on in my mind. It is a bit overwhelming at time. People ask what's wrong and I cannot answer it because there is so much wrong that I don't know where to really start.

Xay had a bad day yesterday at school....punched one kid and bit the other according to the teacher. When asked why it was "an accident." I don't know what has gotten into him lately. I wonder if I am doing wrong by him. I know he wants attention but Mon-Fri I work whenever he gets out of school so I can't spend the time with him that he needs. I also believe it has finally hit home that my mom and dad aren't coming back.

I keep thinking tomorrow will be better I just got to make it through today. Sometimes it is hard. I got told that all I think about is myself and have no consideration for what others have to do. I don't mean for that to be how I am....I do worry about myself and my kids first but no is always an option for people to give me.

Just some randomness that has been on my mind.