Friday, October 10, 2014

My Blessing Coming Soon

Life has been kind of hectic the last few days. Both of the kids as well as myself have been sick. Xay was the germ factory and it went down hill from there. But he gets it honest because my allergies kicked in. My face was so swollen it looked like I got beat, nose stuffed up, eyes watering, and a bad congested cough.

But with me being sick and them being sick it has been overwhelming to say the least. Every five seconds my son is calling for mommy, or my daughter is crying and by 9pm I am so thankful for bedtime I could cry. I can handle it because I love my kids. But it is hard doing things by myself...and even though daddy #1 and daddy #2 help financially with the kids...reality is they both have lives of their own and they both work. So raising the kids and making sure that their day to day needs are met are all me. And as any single mother will tell you I just want help. I miss my mom on days like yesterday. I have Pumpkin's Nana but she isn't my mom and it isn't the same. But I take the breaks when offered....and I am forever grateful for them.

I got my computer set up finally for my WAH job. I am rather excited to be honest it isn't every day that one just lucks into getting a job working for a company contracted by tech company to offer customer service. I believe it is only going to be part time and I am okay with that. I have learned how to deal with what I got and keep pushing till I get something better.

School is going good I am proud of myself actually because my GPA is almost back to a 3.8 some of the stuff is hard to wrap my head around the concept of it though. It gets frustrating and the teacher isn't really there to talk to and I feel awkward calling her.

But I keep my head up and keep prying. My blessing gonna come soon!!