Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Right Now

Right now I am laid up in Jewish Hospital from having lung surgery to remove the extra fluid and tissue off my right lung.

Right now I am on morphine but still hurt.

Right now I miss my mom and wish she was still alive because she was suppose to be with me.

Right now I miss my kids and wish they was in my arms.

Right now I wish the guy I am talking to was here....I wish he was completely mine. I wish he would just hold me and stroke my hair and let me de-stress.

Right now I am so overwhelmed still by all the drastic changes that has happened in my life.

Right now I feel depressed and I am trying to pull myself out the hole. But people don't see it for what it is. Like always I should "get over it." It hurts when people say that because it makes it seem like what I am going thru doesn't matter which makes me feel worse. Like I am a burden to people.