Monday, August 25, 2014

My Thoughts On Marriage

I defined myself through my mother and my father even though they were not my birth parents they were the parents that mattered.

My money management skills come from my daddy. My independence is also thanks to him. My caring and nurturing skills are from my momma. She also taught me how to clean. My dad gave me a love for classic rock and for groups like CCR, The Eagles and singers like Elvis and Johnny Cash. My parents were important parts of my life. So now that they are gone I really have to stop and thank about how this changes things.

Like marriage....I always wanted to get married eventually. I thought it would be a big deal my mom making my flowers and helping me choose a dress and my daddy walking me down the isle. I only want to get married once so why not big? Nah now I don't want all that. I will probably have a small private affair if I don't just go get married at the court house. Doesn't seem worth the money or the trouble anymore.

I always said I was living here because of my I plan on moving within the next five years. Goal is to move to Colorado. Somewhere with good technology jobs and small town life.

But I also want to be married in the next five years as well....that's the goal.