Sunday, August 10, 2014

Day 3

I have been looking for the words to put here. Trying to figure out how to cope with such a loss as I have experienced but here goes. On Friday, August 8, 2014 Columbia Police Department responded to a report of an injury accident at the intersection of KY 55 South and the Adair County Veterans Memorial Bypass. The accident resulted in the loss of life of two parens

The accident occurred when moms 2005 Dodge Neon being operated by her and daddy was here passenger were traveling east on the bypass failed to stop at the intersection and was struck in the passenger side by a 2005 Chevrolet 2500 truck operated by Mr Grider and his two passengers.

As a result of the collision dad was entrapped in the Dodge Neon and Columbia Adair County Fire Department had to extricate him by mechanical means.

All five passengers were treated on scene and transported to Westlake Regional Hospital by Adair County EMS. Mr. John Charles Boggs, age 64 and Mrs Martha Lou (Loyall) Boggs of Campbellsville, passed away Friday, August 8, 2014 in Columbia, KY.

A Taylor County Police Officer knocked on my door with papers he looked at me and said "there rhas been an accident you need to call this number." I knew it was bad because Police don't knock on your door for a minor accident. I called and the man asked me questions to identify my mom, and then I started begging him "What about my dad? Where is my daddy?" and he asked me to identify that. I was begging him and God to let them be okay and then he said the words that changed my life forever "I am sorry but there was a bad crash and both of your parents died as a result." I dropped the phone and started screaming and I fell to the ground I couldn't breath my life had an atomic bomb dropped on it. They had just dropped my son off not 20 minutes before and I didn't tell them I loved them I just told them I would see them soon. Now I have so many regrets. I was hysterical all that day. 

Yesterday was the hardest I think though. Having to go to see the car and find their phones....seeing the car. Oh my God...the car....the whole passenger side where my dad was was pushed to the center console his seat was folded behind the drivers seat. There was no way he could survive. But mom...if she was younger I firmly believe she would have lived. She died to severe chest injuries which were a result of the air bag. After all that I had to go make the funeral arrangements and I saw them for the last time. It wasn't real till that moment when I seen them laying there ice cold and hard. I kissed them both on the forehead and said goodbye. That was my life, my support system, my world...gone in a blink of an eye. 

The accident was my moms fault....she flew thru the stop sign at 45mph and the truck hit her going 35mph. She didn't even hit the breaks so in my heart I believe her and dad were fighting. The guy who hit them is pretty upset because he had been driving for 50 years and this was his first accident.

I can't believe they are gone. I am 25 years old I should have at least had one of them for a little longer. I don't know to to cope or deal. It is one day at at time. This is day 3 and I haven't cried as much I don't know how to to describe this numbness. I get through the day for my kids. Xay was almost in the car with them...I am so thankful I said yes to have mom and dad drop them off before they went. 

I know I will get through this stronger. I don't understand and I hurt more then words can describe. But I got to keep going my kids need me like I needed my mom and dad.

Tomorrow is the memorial service and I am emotionally checked out.