Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Thoughts on Motherhood

It's hard to believe that 10 days has passed since Ziah joined the family. I have had a hard time putting her down...I had forgot what it was like the be mesmerized by a newborn. I know I will regret spoiling her when it is time to start work and she just wants to be held but for now I will enjoy it.

Speaking of decisions people have asked me where she sleeps. I do have a pack and play but she sleeps cuddled next to me. It makes night time breastfeeding so much easier. That's another thing breastfeeding this time around has been off to a rough start. Just like her brother she latched on as soon as the breast was offered the 4th day after we had been engorged already she damaged by right breast and it has been pain ever since on that side. To the point where she was refusing it and preferring the left side. We have tried all the positions and now we just try to ride it out by nursing on the left at night so we both get sleep and the offering the right every other time during the day. It's let it heal more then before. It still hurts but they always say grin and bear it....especially since there is no lactation consultant around except for a hour and half drive.

Xay doesn't know what to think of his sister. He likes her he will tell me but if he is asked if he gonna give her kiss he will respond with a quick no. He is my little helper when I can get him off the electronics. It seems like Minecraft has literally taken over, because he will play it for as long as he is allowed. It makes me wonder if I have done him a great disservice by allowing him to do electronics instead of playing outside. He is so tall and would be wonderful at basketball if taught but he has no idea about how to play while other kids his age are way more into it. Maybe he will turn out to be the IT guy like his Uncle D or something along those lines. Who knows maybe it will all change when he goes to school full time.