Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Pregnancy Update - 11 Days To Go

There is a reason I have not been blogging....what could that be? This pregnancy as I have stated many times has been dramatically different then the first from the start with dehydration, weight loss problems, lots of sinus infections, a bout of depression, butts in rib cages, walking issues and finally the newest issue is.....pneumonia!

Monday my son came home after I went to the doctor and had a cough. The next morning I woke up to a sore throat so I called the doctor and asked what to take to which they said it was allergies so take Zyrtec and Robitussin because I was already on nasal spray. Wednesday I went to work at the call center I laid my head down because it was pounding and I generally felt bad. I had a hoodie on my team leader and a couple of older ladies began to talk about me because they thought I was sleeping. Little did they know that I was not. The comments of "If she thinks it's okay to sleep she shouldn't be on morning shift," "She is probably faking she isn't as sick as she said or she wouldn't be here," and "She thinks she is special because she is pregnant," were enough to make me way to angry. Not like it does any good. I went thru the last couple of hours and then came home. My cough was getting worse and my brother told me that he didn't think it was an allergy cough and I started to believe he was right. I woke up at 12:30am to a bad coughing case and called into work. By the next morning I had a rattle in my chest and so I made a doctors appointment because I knew I needed a doctors excuse. I assumed I had a bad case of bronchitis or pleurisy like I had at the beginning of the pregnancy. The doctor listened to my lungs to which he said, "Well that sounds interesting!" He sent me over to the hospital to get a chest x-ray. I called them back 30 minutes before the office closed to find out if I was going to have to work only to be told that I needed to come to the hospital to be admitted because I had pneumonia. I was stunned and I also felt validated because the women at work was proved wrong I was actually sicker then even I expected. I went into the hospital on Thursday and was released Saturday but I am officially on leave until after I have the baby. My side feels like someone punched me about 10 times, but I don't have a cough. I still get short of breath which they have me on a inhaler as well. They tell me it doesn't go away over night but it will get better with time.

On other news my nephew Brayden is doing wonderful. He is gaining weight, has 2 teeth, took 2 steps, and is getting ready to tried starting on a sippy cup. He still has to get tube feedings but I am more then confident in his foster family. I am still a backup if they have issue with the dads family I am working on being approved as a family placement but the foster family really wants to adopt and I think that it is a wonderful idea and I am not being kept away from this nephew so I am happy by the outcome. Here is hoping my sister doesn't get up and fuck everything up for this little boy because she thinks she is what is best. Sometimes one has to step back and see thing objectively.

I am back in school as well. I started classes on the the 6th of this month. I am working on my Bachelor of Science in Information Technology with a specialization in Web Development. Something that allows me to do something I like. I want to focus on Mobile App Design but I also hope to be able to create Blog Designs for mommy bloggers like myself. I won't graduate till May 2016 tho but I am confident that I will graduate this time...if not for me then for my kids because I hate the mundane job I am currently at.

I am single now as well. It ended because of mutual mistakes as well as no communication between us. We have had lots of fights since we broke up....actually we have fought more since we have been split up then we did while we were together. His mother posted on facebook that the next 18 years would be hell, and also twisted my words to make it sound like I said he wasn't going to be the father. Which considering he and I were NEVER apart during the time I got pregnant it is a little aggravating because now there is that doubt with people that she isn't his. It's weird how dealing with black people and white people are so different. PJ asked one time during the whole pregnancy with Xay if he was the father. His family never questioned it. Be it whatever my daughter will come out and take his last name as a second middle name and my last name. 

11 days to go and I have given my daughter an eviction notice. I am tired of being pregnant. She is due on April 26th but my bet is on April 19th....maybe if I am lucky.

Here is my maternity pictures for this pregnancies which were taken at around 31 weeks :)