Thursday, January 30, 2014

Bad Situations....

I have a dark cloud that has taken up residence over my house the last 6 days.

Bad Situation #1
You see it all started on Monday when we woke up to no water. We threw the electric heater under the and thawed out the frozen line only to find that it was leaking so we had to turn the water off to be fixed. Tuesday the water froze up at the meter so we couldn't do anything till the water company came to thaw it out....still no water tho. We didn't want to fix the pipe at this point till we had water to check it. So Wednesday came the landlord dropped the heater off to thaw the pipes because we assumed that it was frozen somewhere under the house since the water company had already thawed the meter. WRONG. Then today we got the water company to unthaw the meter for the second water flowing back to the house....go the one leak fixed.....only to find out that we got one if not two more potentially busted pipes on under the house. At this point we call the landlord like look we can't fix that. He told us he couldn't come till tomorrow around noon. Which puts us at 5 days and counting.

Bad Situation #2
Tuesday Javo and I was going to pick up his check when we smelled the car starting to overheat and it started smoking we made it to his work only to find it needed anti-freeze. Cool I call mom and she runs us down to Wal-Mart I get some anti-freeze and stop leak and think cool we are good to go. WRONG we get down to the gas station and notice its making this weird noise which is the product of the radiator fan being locked up. Managed to get it home and now I gotta pay $60 for the fan IF it's just the fan and then labor.

Bad Situation #3
I do not make a lot of money folks. As a matter of fact I am consider in the poverty range as are a good part of Americans. I work. I pay taxes. I also get HUD housing. I am not ashamed....whatever keeps a roof over my kids heads and keeps them fed. If I didn't have the housing and food stamps I would not be able to support my family. Sorry for you haters. Like I said it's not like I'm not trying. But I pay $85 rent for my ain't's quite old, quite cold, and honestly I could do better even with housing IF I wanted to give up our dogs once of which my son has had since he was a year and a half. Yesterday however I recieved a letter stating coming March 1st I would be paying $550 a month rent. WHAT??? My hours just got cut to 20 hours a week which equals out to $600 per month. Javo works for min wage and gets $576 a month. Together that is $ with rent at $550 our bills per month would total $1148. Do the math pre-baby means $28 left per month. That's one box of diapers. Excuse me folks but my heart just fell to the floor and am trying to appeal that decision.

So that's my week I am beyond frustrated and adding the pregnancy and the pain that just never goes away. I'm just not feeling it.

The happy part? Xay comes home telling me every day how much he likes school and how he has friends. It makes me happy to know he is happy and not playing video games even for just a hour a day.