Friday, December 13, 2013

Gender Reveal!

I feel like being pregnant this time around has left me not really feeling like sitting down at the computer to tell all like I was during the first pregnancy. Maybe because this one had a lot of downs....nothing wrong with the baby but everything wrong with me.

Over the last three weeks I have definitely grew a baby belly from the last weigh in to Dec 11th when I went to find out what I was having I gained 10lbs! My mother about died. And my baby bump bloomed. I feel huge and I still got another 19 weeks to go. If I were to only gain 10 more lbs I would be happy. With Xay I gained 25lbs thru the whole pregnancy but I have given up thinking that it would be the same.

On another note I got my ultrasound on Tuesday!

Guess what we are having?

If you said a GIRL you are absolutely correct!

The reason I have to go pee is that she is standing on my bladder....and her little feet are highly active as we seen in the ultrasound she was kicking away at my bladder like it was a ball. From the outline it looks like she will also be blessed with her brother and my nose. She was also moving her mouth a lot. I was beyond happy her nick name is Zi cuz her brother is Xay (zay). It's a perfect pair and I already know he is going to be an amazing big brother.

Speaking of Xay my poor little boy had to have cavities filled Wednesday. They gave him laughing gas so he could get them done.....the reaction to that as you may have guessed was my nice sweet little boy turning into a little hooligan and then when he went to bed throwing up all over both his mamaws bed and then his papaws bed. I felt horrible for not being there but it was one of those days where I was working early and my mom keeps him during the 4 days I work my 10 hours shifts.

Speaking of 10 hour shifts I have been working from home for this company for almost 9 months now. Since I got pregnant my sales have dropped so they said I would most likely loose my at home job and have to come back into office. Let me explain two things I HATE my job and I really HATE being in office. Plus I am planning on exclusively breastfeeding when Zi is born so coming into office means I will have to pump. At least they have a place so we can pump while at work but still I have a large hate for the situation cuz I want to be home with my little girl and Javonne works rotating shifts. So it complicates my life extremely and my situation will have to be reexamined if everything happens this way. Hopefully with my experience I can just get a different work from home job. But I really would prefer something that doesn't have me selling crap on a regular basis. I just cannot make myself that pushy.

Well I am off to browse pinterest I have to find someone who can sew to make so clothes for my little one. :)