Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Morning Sickness, Pleurisy, Pit Bulls = All in the Day of a Pregnant Woman.

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So when I say this pregnancy is whooping my butt I am in no way a liar. I have been in the hospital five times in the past month with dehydration problems and to receive vitamins. Yeah that's right my ass ain't gaining weight I am losing it. It's crazy I stay sick or nauseated so in the just that last 7 days I lost 3lbs and that is a grand total of 9lbs dropping me down for a record low since I turned 13 years old.....I now weigh 118lbs and I am 9 weeks and 4 days pregnant. I can hardly believe it and in no way do I like it at all. I am concerned and so is the nurse practitioner that I am currently seeing at the OBGYNs office.

So on top of all those great things I also have pleurisy which is inflammation of the lining of the lungs and chest that in my case means the moment I lay down I am in some serious pain like level 10. Normal treat is steroids and pain pills neither of which is an option. They gave me what I could and now its a your own your own kid....hopefully it will get better type of thing. It hurts when I breath deep, it hurts to lay on either side but all the pain is in my lower part of my right ribs sometimes it wraps into my back and up into my shoulder. After several trips to the hospital and misdiagnosis they finally settle on this when I submitted to a x-ray at 7 weeks pregnant....they found a slight pleural effusion which was causing my pleural rub and thus they came to the conclusion of pleurisy. 

So where have I been? They 15 days they have had me off work. So I have been hibernating literally in my room on my bed on the floor. Because we only have a mattresses on the floor as a bed and it sleeps horrible I opt for the floor. I just returned to work today and I won't be embarrassed to say even though I work from home I pray daily for Javonne to get a job so I can rest instead of working for a little bit.

In other news my pit bull Gotti is a father to a beautiful litter of puppies. So in about 3 more weeks we will have a new addition to our fur babies. That will be a total of 4 pit bulls. Everyone is kind of disgruntled by the fact of some many pit bulls and fact that I have a little boy but the fact is my oldest pit which is Gotti is 10 days younger then my son. Xay says regularly "Gotti my baby." How can I contest that? I won't. The next oldest is not my favorite is Didi, she is more Javonne's dog even though he don't wanna claim her. She is the swimmer and loves to jump....high energy dogs and me don't mix well but she is temperamental since she was owned till she was 15 months old by one family. She took a moment to come around to us and no one really seems to have the patience to give her a chance. Then we have Oracle who is Didi's puppy. Oracle is my brothers dog which is a odd dog to say the least. She came to us a 5 weeks old and totally blind....with a little love her eyesight has come back around and now she just as high energy as her mom. She her ears have not been altered in any way however one stands straight up in attention and the other does the same but the tip folds over. Makes for a weird look because her ears are not made to stand up like that. She survived jumping out my brother 2nd floor bedroom window which is a straight down drop with no injuries, and she survived poisoning herself off something unknown that she ate. So we got so special dogs which have earned a place in our family. 

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