Monday, August 26, 2013

Warning: Bump Ahead!

So I have been wanting another child for a well over the year but did not have the means or right man to do both my eyes and apparently God's. 

I met this really wonderful guy named Javonne. Apparently after three years of hell, and 3 months of me being a little wild, God decided it was time to give me one hell of a blessing. That's how I see it in my eyes. You see I usually go for the guys the veer more on the bad side not a good thing. I learned my lessons that hard way because I always let the good ones go. Not this time.

Sometimes I get a little frustrated...being a Aries I am a fast paced person, I like adventures and jump into anything head first. He on the other hand is a Taurus he is slow to act, likes adventures but tends to think before acting...and he is a little forgetful. But I love him and my son told me he loved him and that we should keep him. That makes me excited and even more so now because I know he and I work so well together he calms my free spirit I guess you could say. We have ours bumps along the way but not major mountains or epic volcano eruptions. But we have came to our first major bump....

It is a bet now to see if this baby comes on someone in the families birthday (his mom, both my adoptive mom and birth mother, his and his bros birthday, my birthday, and my nieces). He and I along with Xay are very excited about the upcoming baby. As of right now my due date is actually Javonne's birthday so we shall see because my mommas is a few days before his. :)

Knowing that I am 5 weeks pregnant some of the stuff that has been happening with my body makes more sense. Like the nausea in the mornings no throwing up but feeling like it, stomach cramps, sore breasts, feeling tired, the mini-migraines and the newest one to the list is smells....stuff that didn't bother me does, of a let's not forget my moods...heh....little things just make me highly upset and not in the crying sort of way. Most of these things have been happening for about 2 weeks but I just wrote it of as me PMSing.

Saturday tho I was by my period track 6 days late so I decided while I dropped Javonne at his moms to eat to go get a test. Went home peed on the little stick expecting a negative because it had happened before just stress made me a week late. Not this time I picked it up as the up down line came in so much clearer the the straight one...I sat there for a second heart pounding let this is it. I wanted this and its gonna happen and then all the memories of how I hated being pregnant resurfaced and I was like oh shit this is gonna be a long 8 months. I told my brother who I saw first his words were, "Have fun with that." On the way to tell Javonne and his mother I called my mom and told her she said it would be a girl. When I got to Javonne I told him to come over to where I was blocking his mother view and showed him the took him a second then he got this big smile and walked over to his mom she was talking away and typing on her laptop he just stuck the test in front of her keyboard she stopped mid-sentence looked up at him real quick and was like "OMG! I am going to be a GRANNY!" Her face....priceless.

We slowly told the rest of the important family over the next day.


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