Saturday, August 24, 2013

65% Done With 2013......Where Did My Year Go?

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Life moves so can't pause it and some years that pass seem like you hit the fast forward button one know where its moving slightly faster then normal but you can still make out what is happening with no problem. That's how 2013 has felt for me....I have had a lot of summers where it seem to move quick but this year has been so different. We are 237 days into the year that means we are almost 65% done with the year. I can't wrap my mind around it. So much has happened in just 8 months time let's recap for a second:

  1. I had knee surgery
  2. I moved out my apartment into a house (3 bedroom, 1 bath)
  3. My brother moved in
  4. I started dating Javo
  5. I learned what not having food really meant
  6. I met my real sisters
  7. Jumped off a 15ft cliff into the lake
  8.  Add 3 new dogs and one to come to my fur babies (smh even if two ain't mine)
  9. I argued more then ever with my son's father
10. Worked two jobs for 7 1/2 months
11. Quit Ipsos to work for Serco but still work at home
12. Got Xay's religious exemption from vaccines

And that stuff right there is just the major stuff that stands at a forefront to my mind. It's really crazy because I am sitting here like wow this right here is crazy and here is what is still to come:

1. My baby turns 4 years old
2. My son gets enrolled in school November 4th :(
3. Holiday's with his family and mine (thank God I ain't cooking)
4. I forgot Halloween!
5. And I got a lot of presents now being around so much family :-/
6. ^ That means I am going to learn to bake in large quantities or pinterest is about to be my buddy
7. Meeting a new friend

Pretty sure I might have left a few things off there but that is the major things. I got so much planning to do with so little funding. My mind seems to be racing a million miles a minute at any given time. And daily it's like I am spontaneous so whatever comes to mind and I got the money for we do.

My brother watches my great-nieces now from the time they get off the bus till bedtime. It's crazy keeping them because my brother is a no-nonsense kinda guy when it comes to kids. I am too so it's like here's your rules you can do whatever you like that doesn't involve this remember because if you do its time out for you. It doesn't help that it has been so hot that I can't really take them to the park either when I get off. I really need to start using my Pinterest ideas instead of just thinking they are cool ideas.

Anyways off to book some rooms. Just had those random morning thoughts to share

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