Monday, June 24, 2013

My new house and the ghost we call Elizabeth

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So I got moved into my house....and let's just say we got a love hate relationship. The second night we were here stuff started happening. And let's just say we come to accept the fact we got a legit haunted house. I can see your face right now your either believing me or thinking I really have lost my mind. But I am serious from cigarette packs going missing and turning up in the middle of the bedroom floor the next day (room clean no way they could have been missed), to little mag flashlights being turned on, females voice saying "hey," "whatcha doin," and "hehe," and the topper was when my brother when to get a cup of water before he could take it out the jug the corner was pushed in and a two inch slit put in it and it started pouring water inside the fridge.

I wasn't a serious believer in ghosts....more correctly I was a skeptic believer. I didn't think that I would ever witness it so why worry about it? Well Elizabeth as we have taken to calling her made a believer out of me.

My mom is freaked out she said she would have done moved out but I told her move to what? I am logged in on a lease and it's not like I got $550 to just throw away. My little house here in the Bottom is okay as long as she don't physically hurt anyone I can handle the rest. Beside I got to many plans for the place to let a little child ghost scare me into moving.

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