Saturday, June 8, 2013

Miss Independent - Hip Hop Songs That Made Me Who I Am

I will have to admit my inner child came out Tuesday at the fair....what should have been a good photo opt became a evening filled with fun and rides. Steven was my partner for every ride because Xay didn't like riding on most of them or couldn't because he has bout 6in to go to be 48in to ride anything. But since my mom was at the Fair watching the Beauty Pageant she lended a hand while we took Steven on the bigger rides.

This week has been a little stressful in the sense that I was trying to line everything out for my first big move! That's right this lil momma moving on up in the world. I started out with a two bedroom apartment as my first place with the only furniture being for one bedroom. I been working 2 jobs consistently since Jan and now its paying off because today I am moving into a 4 bedroom house that I am leasing all by my little self.

I guess hip hop music is what originally inspired me to be so independent songs like Webbie's "Independent" where the song goes "Two jobs work hard you a bad broad," was the first song I remember hearing about Independent chicks and I was 18 years old and still learning. Today the songs son more like Lil Boosie's track 'Bad Bitch' where it goes,

"Own damn house floss out big screen maan  
I'll bring the whole hundred shit wha u gon do fo me maan  
Look at her own in-come she a beast maan 
Bad bitches otta be in da first damn streets maan  
She ain't cryin ova no nigga she ain't weak maan  
 A kinda bitch that put a real nigga on his feet maan." 

A lot of women out there hear these songs and grow offended but if you look hard enough I believe you can find the good in any bad situation. I grew up listening to these songs thinking the meaning of being independent meant having your own house, working 1-2 jobs, having your own car, being able to hold your own in the streets, being able to take care of your man if the need be, knowing how to cook and how to clean. Now mind you I conquered the house and the car at separate times but I believe that within the next few months I will get that too. Maybe that makes me a little headstrong at times but when you work super hard and still making money while you making money you doing something. When I hear these songs I don't feel lower it makes me want to take care of myself. I don't need a man but I got one. I don't have to depend on him but we can work together and have a lot.

That's my thoughts for the morning. Next time you hear from me it will be hopefully from my new house!