Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Day 8 - Describe 5 Weakness & Strengths

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  1. Bossy - I have my moments where I must be put in place instead of telling people I need to ask.
  2. Procrastination - Especially when it comes to dishes and laundry.
  3. My kid crying - Its either going to get him what he wants or its gonna get him in trouble with a quickness.
  4. Saying No - I hate making people mad at me or hurting people so I usually just say yes.
  5. Hershey Bars - No almonds! I could eat these in between meals everyday.
  1.  Caring - I will help my family and friends when in need. I don't like to see people hurt at all especially when it's people I am close to. I will do for most of them before myself.
  2. Cooking - I can cook....and I can cook from scratch too something I am quite proud of.
  3. Singing - I have always sung I actually got my letterman jacket for doing school choir for 3 years but I did church choir for 12 years as well.
  4. Independent - I have always been one to stand on my own two feet. I started paying my own bills at 16 even tho I lived with my parents. At 24 years old I have been working nonstop since Nov 2011 and currently work two jobs.
  5. Confident - I did beauty pageants from the time I was 3months old till I got pregnant with Xay. I still do them when I find one that allows single mothers to do them. Being on stage gave me a lot of confidence especially around people.
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