Thursday, May 30, 2013

Today's Mental Ramblings...

So now that I got the big family post out of the way I wanted to actually take a look at how my summer is looking. So I finally got my scheduled changed which means early mornings, lots of coffee and full evenings. I have a extra couple of kids for the moment. Kk (2 years) and the other is Steven (7 years) who I had two summers ago. 

I ain't gonna lie it feels good to have a houseful of kids even tho I am a little tired from the new work schedule and trying to keep a 2 year old quiet till someone wakes up when I am working at 7:30am is um...a chore I ain't even going to lie and is actually not something I am supposed to be doing while working but it can't be helped. Her daddy will be to pick her up later today and I must say I am going to miss this lil sassy butt thing.

Xay has been enjoying having a older child to play with too he thinks the world of Steven and I know he will miss him when he has to leave in August. But Xay is one of those tech kids at 3 1/2 he is happiest when he has the cell phone, xbox, computer, tablet or whatever gadget is available. I got to tell him no and make him go play at times outside or with other kids. He is still scared of water and lets not forget the fits he throws over bugs. I swear that if my mothers doing.

This weekend is the local fair....and I got two kids old enough to ride some rides. It's kind of weird because it seems like yesterday I was little and my dad was taking me on the rides. Crazy how time flies.

So I am a little over a hour into work and I most certainly need another cup of coffee and aparently a bigger house with a office that is not in the bedroom. Smh. It's going to be a very long day and I also have a check-up on my knee today I am slightly worried that Dr. K is going to be taking more fluid off my knee that shit is no joke folks! At least now I am up moving fairly normal I do notice pain on days its cooler or about to rain. But...that's my misfortune for letting someone cut on me. Never again I tell you.

Well both kids are up now so I gotta manage this a work. Ugh just till 12 today I keep reminding myself then I am off.