Monday, May 6, 2013

Going Thru Changes

So yesterday brought some interesting changes to my life. I am complete work at home again for both for my jobs now. I am going to be quitting the one tho because the fact is without benefits it cant compete with my current @home agent job. I make decent money still considered low-income but it will be okay.

The other big change is the fact that I decided to trust my instinct and give a relationship another go. This time with someone unlike most of the guys I have dated. I wanted a nice guy for a change someone who would respect me and be willing to take road trips and come along on those adventure I have with my son and not be a bad influence on his life. I needed it to be honest. I ain't gonna lie I am a little battered a bruised emotionally from the past and I may not always mindfully realize but I tend to keep people at bay lately because if they get to close I get to close and that means I get hurt in the long run. And who is to say that it won't happen with this guy but here is the thing folks when I am single I don't like the person I am. I like the person I am when I am working in more of a family unit. I tend to thrive more as such. We will see where this goes no one truly knows but I do know it is starting off beautifully.

I am supposed to get my brother tomorrow he went home for a little bit and is ready to come back. I must say I do miss his company a bit. Its nice to get a chance to get to know my big brother and to bond with him. Feels good to have real family that I can connect to like that. I think its just our dads genes tho because I am comfortable with my dad too.

Besides that Spring has been causing all kinds of havoc on my allergies since I no longer live in the safety of the mountains. I'm serious they are kicking my ass. With that said I still got 3.5 hours of work left to go.