Sunday, May 19, 2013

Day 3 - 10 Things Would Tell My 16 Year Old Self

 1. Always tell the truth -  Because lies only lead to more lies and hurt.

 2. Make more close friends -  It takes two to make a friendship work. Give it your all.

 3. Stop and enjoy your family-  Because it won't always be what is was growing up.

 4. Study harder with college - Don't get caught up in letting guys hold you back your smarter then that!

 5. Don't date men who are above 5 years older - You know your ass ain't grown yet. You gonna get yourself into all kinds of bad trouble because of this. Get your act back in gear and enjoy being young!

 6. Being single isn't really bad - You will have less fights and drama during your teenage years.

 7. Check Your Attitude lil girl - Cuz you know if I was your mom I would smack that fast mouth right off your face child abuse be damn.

 8. Don't fall for the bad ones the good ones are better - Yeah it's thrilling living on the wild side. Yeah it's fun having that d-boy boyfriend or the one that don't care. But again you are setting yourself up for a lot of hurts that could have been avoided had to just dated the ones like the doctors son.

 9. Even when things get tough mom will be there - That is your rock even though she made growing up hard because she was overprotective she did if because she loved you. She is old enough to be your grandmother so need to stop and thank God everyday that you could have here because one day
she ain't going to be there to bail you out of those bad situations.

10.Relax! - Enjoy the present don't stress about the past and don't worry bout the future because all we have is this moment and these moments fly past.

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