Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Day 2 - 5 Things That Make Me Happy Now

So for day two I needed to list the things that make me happiest now that was pretty simple.
1. My son - watching him grow up and learn new things and knowing that he is a part of me is always going to be the number one thing that makes me happy.

2. Family - my family isn't just my blood family. Where I was adopted I am more aware of the fact     that family is those that will stand by you thru it all.

3. Making Memories With Good Friends - Going on adventures to the lake, jumping off cliffs to go swimming, you name it. Times that can be looked back on with a smile and a laugh no matter if the people stay in your life you will have memories for a long time.

4. Getting my nails done - This is like a treat to myself I ain't one to get my hair done or all that. Mostly I take care of myself but my nails are like my pamper treat to myself.

5. Gotti - He is my best friend and protector. He is also very much a lap dog. Don't like the face fool you he is as sweet as the come. He is considered an American Bully (pit bull) 50%Gotti and 50% Razors Edge. He is name after the mob boss John Gotti.

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