Saturday, April 27, 2013

Jobs, Money, and Being Mommy

When you work so much you miss a lot when you have a little one. I feel like 90% of my time is work the 10% is split between Xay and my friends.

It wasn't that bad during the winter months because it was to cold to get out and do anything. Now its like I want to get out and take my son to the lake and hiking and all kinds of stuff and I can't because I work every single evening and there is absolutely no wait short of a doctors excuse that I can get off.

Its driving me insane so I keep praying God will work this out because at the moment I am so unhappy about how much work I am putting in to ensure I don't loose my home because we all know bills are a bitch! I got debt collectors calling me and I keep hoping they will sue me so I can go ahead a get this bankruptcy filed so I can forget bout the other $10,000 hanging over my head.

Being 24 isn't easy. Everyone assumes I should be carefree living right now between these two jobs truth is by KY standards I only make 55% below the poverty rating. I make all this work for me on less then $10,000 a year.

I don't care about the money tho all I care about is I am missing my son grow up and its breaking my heart because the other day my son told me he would rather go see his dads girlfriend. I know he is three and he will say things but it still hurt on a large scale.

I am not envious of those business women out there. I am jealous of the stay at home mothers who spend every moment with there kids.