Saturday, April 20, 2013

Better off Not Working?

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I have been a bad blogger the last little bit. Surgery and working 7 days a week between two jobs has
started to take it's toll on my body. When I say that I mean I have had two separate rounds of viruses, ear infection, medicine induced yeast infection and we are adding allergies to the list as well.  At the moment though my body isn't like sick but it isn't up to speed. Meaning I have been going thru a lot of lower back problems, fatigue, no appetite, just not the normal me. Been to the doctor and all my levels check out and yes the hospital also did a pregnancy test which came back negative. So the question really is what is wrong with me? One just don't know.

Life has been busy when I say I work 7 days a week I mean I work every single evening except Sat which I work in the day. It's frustrating because there is no time to be able to spend with my son because I am either working, sleeping, or grabbing a bite to eat while getting  ready to work. It's been on my mind to quit one of them but I am not sure if financially that would be smart. I was awarded my housing choice voucher however it is looking like I am going to loose it because I make to much money about $600 over the 50% of poverty. Funny right? The woman looked at me sadly and told me I would be better off not working then I would to work. Where do they do that at? All I want is better for my son and myself and they tell me even though I am consider below to poverty level that I still can't get help. So I will work my two jobs and see my son for a few moments a day and pray that someday God will bless me with a better situation if I keep showing I am willing to work for it. It's frustrating tho that the government agencies are sending the message that working unless you are making big dollars is barely worth it.

My big brother has been down here for almost a month now. The decision for him to find a job to possibly stay was made last week so I am on it. I love his company it feels good to have him around to bond with and my son thinks his Uncle is the best thing around.

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