Saturday, March 16, 2013

Surgery and Stuff

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I have been missing in action for the last two months. That's because in two months there has been a lot of changes take place to get my life where it needed to be. I am very blessed that things are looking good.

That being said I think it is time to look at a few of the major changes. Last time I wrote I was working two jobs my WAH job and my factory job. I was doing good till I got sick and that sent my body straight down hill. After I returned it wasn't a week before I was working pivoted to start my first process again and my knee about gave out on me and the pain never quite left. It wasn't a work related injury not really sure what the original cause was but that let me know something was wrong.

So I went to two doctors a normal one and a orthopedic surgeon. He told me that my kneecap was sitting a little sideways and there was something behind my knee cap making it pop and hurt. The options were receiving shots or surgery. I had see grown men cry off them shots and have watched mom suffer with her knee for years so I wasn't about to go through that with mine. So knowing I was going to have to have knee surgery I went ahead and quite the factory and got a job the same day at the local Serco branch as a Travel Agent with Extended Stay America. Pretty neat job with good benefits but sucky shift hours (4:30pm-3:00am). Which means as long as I what Sunork with Ipsos I will be working 7 days a week. It's frustrating sometimes but I am waiting to see if Serco moves me to the At Home agent job and if they do then I will go ahead and turn in my two weeks notice for Ipsos. I just got to be sure what I am doing first.

So last Friday I went in for surgery. It went well and I was doing great until that Sunday when I bent my knee a little trying to get on the couch. I went from being okay to the worst pain ever (and I rate everything on natural labor pain) I couldn't move it period all I could do is scream in pain and cry. So my mom called an ambulance. The EMS was the rudest people I had ever met. He told me to shut up in my own apartment that I could control the screaming and then proceeded to pick me up bridal style bending my knee further and packing me down the stairs to the stretcher. I thought I would pass out before I got there and I kept telling him to just put me down that I was in pain. Got to the hospital they gave me 4 pain shots none took the pain away but the final one took the edge off enough I could stop crying. After that I was pretty much couch bound except for the bathroom till I went back to the doctor and he cleared me and put me on physical therapy.

So in the mean time I got to see who really was my friends and who didn't give two cares about me. Crazy how many people I seen on a everyday basis that didn't even ask me how I was doing. It hurt a lot because some of them I trusted a lot more then others. The people that did check on me was people I barely hung out with. For them I am thankful and when I am back up and moving it won't be something that I just forget. I have also been very thankful for my momma who has been here since surgery staying with me helping me out with the stuff I can't get up to get. And since she is staying here that means my son has been here the majority of the time as well which was something I needed more then anything. He asks me if I am okay or if I am hurting. He tells me he has to keep his feet away from my bad booboo. The other morning though melted my heart. He came to me when he first woke up and crawled in the covers next to me on the couch. He scooted close and put his little arm under my head pulling me close in such a guy move and rubbed my face in a feather touch (which his daddy and I both do to him because I have a weakness for being touched like that) and told me mommy I love you. It was a perfect moment.

So between works, surgery, and family life is starting to seem normal again. Rather then crazy. My big brother David got out two days ago so he is home I got get him on the 25th. My sister is in jail and due within the next month or so with a little boy so I also go meet with her about taking temporary guardianship of her son till something else is worked out.

Well off to work now...

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