Thursday, January 3, 2013

Goals Until Fal 2013

Since this is 2013 I feel the need to make some changes. One of the things I need more of is goals that I can look at and work for. I wanted to sit down with a notebook and write it all down but since money is tight and I have a computer I guess I will suck it up and put it on here instead.

I got to be honest with you all I loose focus pretty easy. I stray off randomly down paths that aren't always the best for me mainly because with Xay being here I don't really have a reason to be perfect. It's hard to find a balance because most people are like take him he is yours but they don't know my mom. They can't see that hurt and pain I did whenever I tried that. So what do I do? I feel kind of like that dad right now because I only get him for a few hours each day maybe not that. No schedule = no balance in my life. I think the hardest thing is too that when my mom, or dad, or Xay's daddy comes to the apartment for anything he begs to go with them. It breaks my heart to be completely honest and I feel like a failure but at the same time if I took him away my mom makes herself so sick and lets herself go. What am I to do? I am praying for that answer now.

Anyways back to goals here is my goals thru July 2013.

1. Get 2nd job that is day shift and maintain my WAH job too.
2. Get a cheap car
3. Take Xay to Kentucky Railway Museum 
4. Take him swimming at the lake
5. Take him hiking thru some of the trails
6. Take him to see a real dairy farm
7. Have a big cookout during the summer
8. See my brother David
9. Get into a house rather then an apartment
10. Get myself into a routine.