Sunday, December 2, 2012

Small victories and Crazy nights

I must say the last few days have been kind of rough. On occasion I have a impromptu get together at my apartment when Xay stays with his grandparents and dad. Thursday was one of those instances....drank a little to much and got sick. A reminder as to why I never drink that often (maybe 3 times a year). I had 8 people at one time but not on a constant.

Shit went to hell on Friday. Mom brought Xay home after I got off from work and he played a little and went to bed and slept thru the night. A couple friends dropped in and talked to me for a while and one ended up crashing on my loveseat about 6:30am on Saturday.

I got about an hour and a half of sleep before Xay woke up and then it was breakfast for him, and then I put in Toy Story 3 and let him do his thing while I cleaned up and let me say this my mom doesn't realize how spastic I am about cleaning my own place and I contribute that completely to her. But another came and ended up falling asleep on my couch and Xay started asking to go play with his puppy so his papaw came thru and scooped him up for the night. So I ended up going over to a friends house and chilled till 12:30ish this morning because I got stranded (having no car sucks).

I didn't got to bed till 2pm because I don't do being completely alone...makes me all nervous and stuff. People tell me all the time being alone ain't all that bad and that I need to be independent and stand on my own two feet and maybe I should. But being alone is one of my major fears. Just like I am also very family oriented when it comes to Xay and kids period that are around me daily but when left to myself I am a road runner. I mean that's just being honest.

So I only got about 5 hours of sleep and got back up at 7:00am. One of my niggas came thru and scooped me up and bought me breakfast which was a God send. We was gonna go to Church but that sleep caught him up. So I was left pretty much to my own devices till about 4pm when my niggas rolled thru. They chilled for a bit and took off.

So now as you can tell I am bored because I literally wrote my whole 4 day experience down. I am currently waiting for mom to bring Xay home. Life isn't really easy these days I never expected them to be actually. But honestly I am more at peace being here then having to be at home with my mom and dad. Thank God for small victories.