Saturday, November 10, 2012

Life Could Be Better But It Certainly Isn't Horrible

Besides the pictures I have pretty absent for the last little bit. I have honestly been regrouping myself. I had to because when Chris left me on the 10th of last month my whole perception on what I was doing with my life flipped. The first week was pretty rough business but I met some pretty great people and they kept me busy so it wasn't really on my mind that much. Now a month later I am okay I understand that we are better off alone and yeah it still hurts seeing him with someone else but life goes on as usual.

Speaking of life moving on I got the call about 4 days ago that today my apartment would be ready. I didn't think it would happen so fast because I had put my application in there only a week and a half before. But now it is a struggle to get the deposit for the electricity and the phone and internet so I can continue working at home. I really don't want to loose my job but if all else fails I can always go to this factory job. My parents are willing to help me with this. So its all me and my little man

Life really isn't easy and there has been a lot of drama over the past few weeks but life also really hasn't been that bad. Filled with good people and good memories and lots of smiles. My son gets to play with other kids and life could be better but it certainly isn't horrible.