Monday, November 26, 2012

Apartments, Christmas, and More

Things took an interesting turn lately.

I officially got my first apartment! I never thought that this day would get here. It was mine as of the 16th and I have been staying here since the 17th. It was a week long process of having people give me furniture because I only had bedroom stuff when I started and moving.  I got a bunch of other stuff that is still boxed up, which is literally the laundry room full that some boring day I will go through.

Life is coming together it was a bumpy start because mom took my moving out personal and we are still having issues over Xay and the fact that he won't be living with her. For example she has consistently refused to give me the rest of Xay's clothes. Which I can understand her keeping some but not all of his clothes because he isn't going to be living here without me. Yeah she watches him while I work and then his daddy gets him on his days off but besides that he is with me unless she comes to get him for a few hours.

I have a new guy in my life. He has been here since the 13th of October.  He treats me really good and it's been so refreshing not to be called names or to fight to the point we are hitting each other. It's crazy because I wasn't really looking we just kinda fell into each others lives and he has definitely been a big part as to why my life has been upgrading. I'm kind of  scared because it all seems to good to be I will wake up and it will be some kind of dream. There isn't and I am a firm believer that after about the first month (post note: It took 3 months) when the new starts to wear off that you really see if you can be around that person on a daily. We are two weeks past that point and I still can't say nothing bad about him.

Enough about my nigga.

Christmas isn't going to be very festive this year. Money is super tight were I am paying all the bills. I am pretty sad that I can't get a Christmas tree or decorations. Doesn't really seem right for my son. But sometimes things get tough and you make do with what you got. Hopefully when 2013 gets here life will be better. But right now it's not all that bad either. I got a lot of new friends that call themselves "real niggas." And they are it's pretty great.

Whelp, I guess I will wrap up here because I am supposed to be / am working right now and I need to take my break.