Tuesday, September 18, 2012

This Life Isn't Easy But It's Mine

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It seems like a lifetime away before this whole house looks like a home. Out of the total of 8 rooms (3 bedrooms, 2 baths, living room, den, and kitchen) only my room, the kitchen and my mothers room has a homely feel. The rooms are no where near being done but the fact is painting will have to wait because there is not room to have furniture and boxes everywhere. So instead we fixed our rooms dealing with the horrible colors until such time as the rest of the house falls in line. My dad has been working on organizing his room while mom works between the blue bathroom and the den (update: as of 7:10pm the den is liveable) which is where Xay's dad sleeps. The kitchen is workable and the living room is scary; I had a headboard attack me last night in the dark. Got a huge scrape behind my knee compliments of it.

I got sick last week....I should rephrase that Xay got a virus...he got better and his dad got sick..then my dad and I got sick and then mom got sick. So knowing that I was the the one with insurance coverage I went to the hospital so I could get a script of phenergan. Really was not prepared for what all they did do to me for a virus but that's another topic in itself. Anyways it was a rough 4 days for us but we finally got through it and are back to feeling better...though still tired of course.

All the court dates has me pretty stressed out at this point. Dad has court where he is pressing charges on a theft, Chris will hopefully be taking a 5 for 5 probation (if he misses a payment he goes to jail for 5 years) on Friday, I have court twice 4 days in October one of which is sure to spawn at least 2 or 3 other court dates and one that will hopefully land me with community service in place of the $173.00 speeding ticket which I can't pay.

I am working on filing bankruptcy because I have realistically been processing my plans for the future and in my life and situation it makes the most since. I have had a lot of negative feedback and really I have researched it a lot before making this decision and it's been through trying to work out plans with debt collectors, paying and then them not willing  to work with life changes (moving and changing jobs), and let's face it I can't save money because I payout more then I make, I can't get ahead because min payment takes you what 25 years to repay? My parents are considered seniors and I am blessed to have them both but I could loose them and any time and then what? My parents buy my son diapers while I try to pay off the mass amount of bills I have gained over the process of 4 years and been trying to dig myself out of for over a year now.

Anyways I will go now I am trying to multitask because work is going really slow tonight. Shhh I shouldn't be blogging while working but it's slow between calls.

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