Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Jail, Speeding Tickets, Moving...Oh MY!

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Life has been a mess the last 10 days. Chris got caught for the indictment on his child support and was originally held on at $14,575 cash bond, that got reduced down to $1300 on his court date this past Friday however no one has those kind of funds to get him out so he will sit in jail till his next court date which is the 21st. It breaks my heart and I wish that he had of paid something on his child support but I also know that he tried to get a job but no one would hire him due to his 2006 felony. 18 months of that child support should not even be on the total because he was incarcerated and could not pay but the rest he is responsible for and his oldest daughters mom believes that is money owed to her daughter. That is their buisness but it is one of the major reasons Chris and I have not got married because my tax money which I use for my son and to try and catch up on bills would be taken to pay on that.

I got a warrant issued on Sept 2nd for hindering arrest while the other guy who lied twice as much compared to my "I don't know" which I didn't know because he wasn't wearing a jacket I was used to and had just got there did not get a charge because we are assuming that he turned in where he took Chris too. I feel a slight injustice but I guess dealing with the consequences is just part of life. I spent 5 hours in jail over it and was released with a $2500 surety bond. It was my first charge, my first time in jail and not even 24 hours later I recieved my first speeding ticket because I stopped when my dad got pulled over as he was following me.

We moved to C-ville Friday and I have mixed feelings about it because I cannot go to any visitations or accept any more phone calls because power problems and internet problems have caused me to loose 3 days of work....so I was off a whole week and 2 days. That will make for a pretty bad check which I am supposed to pay $303 out of....not going to have it.

I am pretty homesick for the mountains and for my old home at this point but I am trying to remain strong and make do with what I got. It is all I can do. My room is about the only room in the house that is complete living condition (meaning totally set up) mainly because of where I work from home I didn't have a choice. I still have a ton of boxes to go through but I just haven't really had the heart with everything that has been going on.

The house itself has had a lot of unforseen problems. The gas water heater will not light so we still have no hot water, the majority of the faucets are dripping and the washer faucets are leaking badly around the top where they turn on and off. The woman who owns the house said she would have someone come fix the leaks when we move it but it makes you wonder how many other problems are going to rise up? The Gas man would not light heater himself because he said it was located in the bathroom which is now against regulation and has been for 15 years. Someone told us that our furnice also had issues but we haven't gotten that far yet. We have like a 1950's era fuse box which is a fire hazard and also means we can't push a lot of power out of the rooms. That is and issue when you are like me and my family in my room there is 2 sets of plugs only one of which is three prong so not a/c for me and one doesn't work at all so I have a total of three plugs. Those three plugs are powering a laptop, telephone, ipad charge, xbox 360, dish box, tv, internet modem, cell phone charger and sometime a printer. Not good. I was in the middle of a shift Sunday and all my power in just my room went off. I was so mad that I could not work it was pathetic.

I guess that is enough venting just decided to let everyone know what was going on. Take care folks!

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