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Flashbacks On My Math Teachers Over The Years

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I am jumping on bored the SITS Girls 'Fall Back to Blogging Event' I was laying in bed last Wednesday browsing my morning reads on my RSS reader on my phone and I came to this one and it just seem like a good way to jump start fall with a better attitude. So for the next five days you are going to see a series of takes on the prompts for the posts. Hope you all enjoy and check out the posts from SITS Girls out there (link above).

As most of you all know I was for the most part home schooled throughout my 3rd-12th grades. There were points however in those 8 years(because I graduated early) that I did enter the public schools for classes. Mostly because my dad worked during the day and my mom was horrible at math. Out of many amazing teachers that I had my math teachers are the ones that strand out drastically in my mind. For so many different reasons but even up to my college years my math teachers are the ones I can still remember by name. Mind you I am absolutely a lost cause when it comes to math I mean I know enough to get by in day to day life but that's where it ends. 

Today I want to mention a few memories I have from 3 different points in my life. 

7th/8th grade math - Mrs. Stidham - This lady was at the point of my life the most evilest woman I had to deal with. That's really funny looking back because she was actually a really nice woman who didn't want to see us fail. She was a pusher and very strict about deadlines and rules. So I was a candy lover...I always got bummed for candy so I say and opportunity to make money so I would have a zip lock bag of candy that I would sell. 10 cents for gum, 25 cents for jolli rancher suckers, you get the drift. Pretty great way to get those oreo brownies I had a love for at lunch. Anyways I got caught selling candy in her classroom. Pretty funny when you think about the amounts of drugs that passed through those halls. Anyways she told me, "Who do YOU think you are selling candy in MY classroom." I just looked at her like wow...I didn't know that was illegal lady. Nope didn't say that but hey I was 12. She gave me one of the sternest lectures about the fact that if she caught me again then I would not be allowed back in her classroom. Mind you this is one of 4 classes I was taking considered half a day in middle school. So I idea of having to explain that one to my mom wasn't the greatest. I didn't sell candy anymore in that school but I learned if you are selling something make sure you know all the possibilities that could happen. 

10th/11th grade math - Mr. Sygiel -  This man and his family was prominent throughout my childhood years because he and his wife decided to home school their daughter who was a few years older then me. I have to say I consider this man to be one of the smartest men I know and an amazing violinist too. He was the one person that I have total faith could answer any math question you gave him and he also taught me how to play chess. I remember when I went to high school my sophomore and jr/sr year he was my math teacher in public school. His class wasn't as stressful as all the other math classes I have had in my life. If you was there to learn he was there to teach yo, if not well you were choosing to fail or go to smarter people to cheat. This is the only math class that I didn't faith or barely pass because he explained it to a point I knew what I was doing. Really wish I could have retained that. 

Pre-College Algebra - Amanda Barnes - Again another instance where I didn't fail a math class. Her husbands classes are scary and are not for the pregnant in the morning. But this lady has a polar opposite teaching method. Really wish I could have taken her for 2 college math level classes I needed maybe I would have had my associates. She was nice and easy to ask questions, she gave incredible notes so really if you failed then you probably weren't paying attention. I retained the knowledge of a few things in her class one being how to do percents (might sound funny but fractions and percents have always been something that is a loss to me) so I knew what the heck I was really paying when I got shopping (really helpful when sales racks are loves of your life). 

This aren't really funny just snapshots of my life. Things that I remember and hope that I can still remember as I get older. I realize that all the people during the first 20 years of my life shaped it into so much. I have traits from people that were only there for short periods or maybe for long periods but I am thankful for the lessons they taught me.

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