Thursday, August 2, 2012

School + Potty Training = Frustrating Decisons

The ipad has become an attachment to my son. The minute he wakes up he comes and wakes me up and he wants to "play on pad." He knows that he is only allowed to play the "kid games" he calls it along with watching netflix "pap pap" which is dora. He will sit on the ipad for hours if we let him. Which is sometimes frustrating when we are trying to do stuff on it and he tries to take it away and he will cry for it. But for the most part he spends his times putting shapes to their shadows, doing puzzles, selecting shapes and colors, and finding things by their names.

He has been growing so fast. He way 38lbs and is half as tall as me streched out. That's crazy and also a chore to pick up. It makes me realize that the days of packing him around is quickly coming to an end.

One of the reasons for not being able to pack him is that ever since the care back I have been experiencing lower back pain. Like it wasn't as evident because I was off work for three weeks and then when I started back on work the longer I stay on my feet on shift the more if feels like my lower back is on fire. I can press on one spot and my legs kind of go numb. I figure I should probably go see about the nerves in my back but it is kind of scary because what if something is wrong? But with some strength training and getting my back fixed I would be able to pack him a lot easier but I weight 121 lbs right now so strength isn't happening that well.

With his 3rd birthday 11 weeks away I have been thinking a lot about school options. I don't particularly like any of the schools except for one that is 15 miles away and would require him to ride a school bus or be driven. There is a headstart here which would be okay because it is literally less then a block away and in walking distance. The thing is though where we opted out for shots except for the hep B vaccine I would have to obtain a religious exemption for him to be able to attend any of the schools. The other option is home schooling him which was the original plan was from the beginning. The thing that has been weighing heavily on me is that my mom would be the main provider of that teaching while I was at work and I think that it would do Xay good to be more interactive with kids. The challenge that I would like to conquer before doing that however is potty training. It is like a must for me before I send him to preschool. Still we have slacked off a bit because he is really not interested in potty training right now. Frustrating to me but I don't want to push him.

Another thing that is very apparent is my sons fear of water. I don't mean baths he is cool with that but swimming isn't really his thing. Wading he can deal with but the rest of it he clings to my legs with a death grip. It took a lot of coaching to get him knee deep in the water at the river where the rest of the kids were all swimmining he was terrified and mostly stood on the bank throwing rocks into the river.

I wish there were more things here for kids, and with the drive to the nearest city being an hour and a half drive it makes it rough. Hopefully next time this year though he will be more active.

So many decisions. And so many arguments with my mom over my choices for my son. I pray that my section 8 comes through and I can finally get a place for Xay and I to call our own.