Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Moving + New Job = Total overhaul.

I have been away....

Is because we are relocating to a new city 3 hours away from my precious mountains. I feel like I am leaving home. But we are closer to family and it is our whole household. Yep that's my parents, my baby daddy (I will eventually make a post on how THAT works), my boyfriend, my son, and me. Crazy. It's just a temporary house though no lease was signed so when we find better housing we will move. Maybe I can finally get my own place for my little family. Maybe. In the mean time the house is getting an overhaul before we move in and this is why..

This lovely green room is bedroom number 1 which will be claimed bynone of my parents. The future color of it is undecided.

This is the living. Room. It will eventually be turned into tans, I think. My mom hold control of the decorating of the majority of the house.

This is bedroom number 2. We call it the tattoo bedroom because of the previous owners tattoo sticker. The door might be moved to our bedroom though. The future color is unknown. It will be my other parents room. Yeah mom and dad have seperate rooms.

This hallway will be turned offwhite most likely or it will be wallpapered bright yellow could be saved but mom is a more calm person. She does not like bright colors.

Speaking of bright color this red is found in two rooms. And this is the working bathroom. The second bathroom is unshareable at the moment. This one has to have tiles replaced (wish is was with different) mom is talking about outdoor carpet...still scary. Color might remain for awhile.

This is the other red room. Home to the future den which will contain the tv and xbox 360 so Chris can't disrupt my work. But it will also be where PJ sleeps. It need a rug or carpet because that floor is green and brown...and lets not forget the fireplace it is straight wood burning. Pretty neat but someone did not no their colors when it was painted. The white is for sure gone and the red is a possible stay until we get the money to paint.

This is kitchen / dining room. It is by far the best looking room. The cabinets will be turned off white and the green may or may not stay.

This will be my room / office. Much smaller then my room so it will have a bed, dresser, bookcase and desk the majority of my bedroom stuff going into boxes and staying. This will be my work-from-home office. Yep I officially snagged a job that has made me a WAHM. I am beyond happy but it will keep me on the phone a lot so I needed the 360 of the room because it is the number 1 source of noise. This room is going to a blue, cottontail white, with the furniture painted grey.

The backyard contains a tree that will eventually house a tire swing for Xay. It isn't huge but it is flat and much bigger then our old yard. I just wish there was some mountains instead of rolling hills and corn fields...oh and baccer patches. But there will be future adventures for Xay.

Best part is we are 4 miles from the lake. Can't wait to go swimming out there.

I have a lot of mixed feelings about moving out my home town. But I will go home someday just like mom wants to go home now. It's a fresh start. I have hopes that a lot of things will change.