Monday, August 13, 2012

Dream Big

When I was little I used to dream so big...I would do so much when I got big.

Even when I was 16 I had big dreams. I would be a singer and a model I would go places and see things that I have never had the chance to do.

But then guys came into my life and mom's "you'll never finish anything," happened and those dreams lost light.

I used to dream when I was 20 about going to work oversea's to do misson trips or something along those lines. Then pregnancy happened.

Now? What are my dreams? I have none besides making sure that anything Xay dreams I try to the best of my abilities to make sure they happen. Because I refuse to be the reason that his dreams are caged and disappear.

It hurts though that the people around me don't even know me well enough to know what my hopes and dreams are. But then again I guess I am like my mom now always nuturing someone elses dreams and mine never really mattering.

All I tell Xay though in the the whispers in his ear is to dream big and mommy will help make them real.