Sunday, July 1, 2012

Love Makes Good Impressions

I decided to get todays post out of the way because we are making the three hour trip to Ohio to get Chris' daughter Kk who is going to 16 months old this month. I haven't seen her in 8 months and Chris hasn't seen her in 6 months except for pictures. Making this trip is costly and having the money is hard to come by but when her mom tells us to come get her we scrape up what we can so we can make the trip. This time we get to keep her for around a week. I am looking forward to seeing her and also see how Xay interacts with her.

Todays pages were about how we greeted our loves and even the people around us. It says, "when someone communicates that they are glad to see you, your personal sense of self-worth increases. You feel more important and valued. That’s because a good greeting sets the stage for positive and healthy interaction."

I thought about all the times that I have been greeted and about how I geet Chris when I see him or talk to him. I know how it makes me feel whenever he blows me off and I wonder does he feel the same way? I don't know because I never thought about it till now.

Today’s Dare
Think of a specific way you’d like to greet your spouse today. Do it with a smile and with enthusiasm. Then determine to change your greeting to reflect your love for them.