Sunday, July 15, 2012

Little Notes on Car Fires

Yesterday I really didn't do much. My stomach hasn't been feeling really good for the last few days. Like you don't know what is wrong but you know something isn't quite right. I have pretty much chalked it up to the fact the between the 14-16 that lovely monthly visit is supposed to be here...just hasn't popped up yet. Of course you tell someone your stomach feels...nauseated they look at you like 'are you pregnant??' My answer to them...nope of course not...truthfully I reckon there is a small chance I could be but there is no need to get everyones panties in a twist over it...and all I would hear is a whole lot of people telling me that I was doing wrong. Really I got enough issues that even if I was to turn up pregnant that I wouldn't actively tell anyone (except you guys reading). But enough about that.

I didn't pick the 'Love Dare' up yesterday. By the time I thought about it I was already at work with no way of posting. It's okay though everyone is perfect on staying on track and I will read Day 21 today after I finishing posting this one. Of course that is if the little man in my lap allows me too. He snuck off from my parents who were trying to fix him breakfast to sit with me and drink his sippy. Those Tummy Tickler juice things are like gold to him. He has a Bob the Builder one right now.

Last night while I was at work my exboyfriend (David) and a couple of his friends tried to set fire to my moms car. They had a brick attached to a bottle filled with gas and with a lit sock. Now we all now if done right that will set the whole thing ablaze in seconds....these guys are real dumbasses though because they through it and it hit the door below the window and just left sratches while the bottle broke on the ground and didn't even start the fire. Now if the fact that they done it wasn't dumb enough they did it in front of 6 people (maybe they didn't realize it?) and were also caught on camera coming down this way about 4 times which will verify the witnesses testimony. My mom is pissed to say the least and all three of them will be sitting in jail as soon as they are all rounded up. My mom down play no games with her stuff especially when she hasn't done nothing. Bad thing is she was giving Xay a bath before she came to get me at 1:00am to get off work and where they hit the car was where my sons car seat sits so what if my mom had been leaving and Xay had been there and they had caught the car on fire? If my son were to ever get killed I would be spending life in prison for murder because whoever caused it would be dead too. Dead serious.

But enough about all the drama I am going to go get this wiggly monster in my lap something to eat and watch some toons....told you all he wins when it comes to the computer and him. lmao