Thursday, July 12, 2012

Chris' ACL Surgery

Yesterday Chris had surgery on his left knee. He had to have an arthroscopic surgery on his ACL. Their time limits were all bullshit too. Like they said a few minutes and I could go see him before he went back to surgery yeah that turned into like 45 minutes. I got to see him, we prayed and I gave him a kiss and watched him be wheeled away. They then told me the surgery would last 90 minutes, I went down the road and grabbed a bite to eat and my free stuff from Victoria's Secret (perks of having their credit card even if I never use it) which took me under a half hour and came back, settling in for the rest of the wait.

I waited.

And waited.

Finally two and a half hours later the doctor came out to talk to me. He said a big bunch of medical mumbo jumbo that I am still making sense out of but so far I have determined his point was that they got the graph (cadavor) in and it or something to do with it broke they had to cut a bigger hole the was expected take whatever tore out and start over fresh. So after he talked to me he said that it would be just a few more minutes before I could go in.

Again I waited....

And waited.

Another 45 minutes after the end of the surgery passed and they finally let me back telling me he was very "difficult to get comfortable." Difficult is hilarious. It is the understatement of what they meant bless his heart what the they was saying to me (in my terms of course) is that the stuff screwed up and it caused nothing but more pain. This guy had a shit ton of pain meds including a nerve block on the upper and lower part of his leg but he was still laying there in obvious pain over his leg "burning" something that shouldn't even be possible at that moment.

Yeah so we finally got home and we had to get him up 23 stairs to the room...which is where he is gonna stay until at least Friday when he gets to take the dressing of his knee and clean it finally. So right now it is 12:55am and my head is pounding and I am sick to my stomach and I am going to try to get some sleep till the rest of his nerve block ends in his leg and he starts screaming cuss words at the air.