Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Arguments and Potty Training.

Things have been happening lately that I can't talk about it all but I will touch some of it. That is actually a hard thing to say because I normally block openly about everything. Because the truth is while I like being in touch with other people this is also my outlet because I have never been able to keep a written journal. I hope to someday before I die to publish legacy for my family. But back to the problem at hand...for the last 2 and 1/2 days I haven't touched the Love Dare....things have been to rough for me to have the will too.

On Monday Chris and I got into an argument because of the stupid color of a color. He didn't like the fact I got Gotti a red color because you have to have pit bulls on a leash when walked in town here. We was also fighting over the fact he was thinking about selling Gotti for $4500. Some things are priceless and having a dog that will protect my family and listen so well and will let my son rough house with him without biting him is something you don't get everyday. But we were arguing and he was yelling and Gotti started growling at him. So Chris started yelling at him and hit him up side the head and Gotti snapped at his hand. Chris told me to put him in the cage and I said no and he started yelling again and Gotti put himself in between us and bit Chris on the arm and then crawled up in my lap and layed out. I put him up then because I knew if I managed to keep him alive after that I would be lucky.
Gotti is super protective over me and last week he has overly so. I thought it was because I was getting ready to start my period but I am still 4 days late but I have this extreme lower back pain on the right side that wraps around my side to the front. We still have Gotti...the simple answer is that dog is like a child and he was letting Chris know he was in the wrong for where the fight was leading.

Today has been rough...I hadn't seen Chris up to about an hour ago because he was out at his brothers. So while he was gone Xay and I watched "Pap Pap" which is Dora the Explorer, and a few snipits of different cartoons and now he is currently curled up beside me in the recliner out cold wearing his thomas the choo choo undies. Hopefully he won't use the bathroom till he wakes up. My mom has been taking a tough approach to potty training. He is ready in some ways but he needs to be constantly asked. There is an app for potty training but the problem is that I am not here enough where I work, dad works, and mom isn't electronically gifted.

Anyways my laptop is about to die and Xay is waking up.