Monday, June 25, 2012

The Name Conflict

My sons father recently taught him how to say one of his middle names. Now for those of you who doesn't know Xay's name is Xadrian Rollan Todd Fugate, however everyone calls him Xay thanks to my mom. I say that because she didn't like his first name so before he was born he was called Xay and it stuck.

When you ask Xay presently what his name is he will respond by saying, "Todd!" No matter how hard you try to sway him on the subject the answer stays the same. Nobody knows him as such yet I wonder if I should surrender and just call him what he wants.

When I was thinking of names I always assumed he would go by his first name. Something unique that when in a group setting there would only be one of him. I wanted something that wasn't out there to much because I always hated my first name. Mainly because no one used it unless it was in a formal situation. The thought never crossed my mind that Xay would call himself anything but what we call him.

His middle names came from his uncles. Rollan is after my biological brother and Todd was after my brother through adoption who died at age 4 in a farming accident which happened way before I was even imagined. So the awkwardness of my son now telling my mom and anyone else who asks that his name is Todd is....well I don't even know how to explain it.

It's frustrating.

I know I just need to have patience and keep working with him. But in some ways he shows my traits strongly. Being independent and stubborn is two traits which shine through perfectly.

I guess time will tell like in most situations I just hope that he is never embarrased by his name. I hope that he is proud of it and that he does great things so it will be remembered.