Friday, June 29, 2012

A Few Lines

Today I can't act like I am happy or in a good mood.

He asked "what's with your attitude?" Which just fuled my mood even more.

How can he sit there and act like he does no wrong?

Yeah I am going to go spend the rest of the day with my little man at least he isn't disrespectful.

Update 12:49pm:

Well at least he said he was sorry for being so mean and hasn't been mean since.

Update: 12:00am:

Well even though it started off rocky this morning Day 7 came to a close wonderfully. After I got home from work Chris had cleaned the roomed and said just because I was thinking of you.  Every relationships has it really bad moments but you know its love when you don't just walk away you stick thru it and keep working even if you don't see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Day 8's post won't be up till after 4pm tomorrow because I have to open drive-thru for kfc/taco bell. It being so close to check day which was today...tomorrow will be just as much hell. Of course add 107 degree F temperatures and you talk about a dead Neatha....I thought I was slowly cooking like a freaking fire roasted pig. No joke.