Sunday, May 6, 2012

Child Support Woes

Seems like everyone is once again popping babies right and left and my son is getting so big and the yearning of having him a sibling to grow up beside him gets stronger. They had to take my mirena out. It had dropped low in my uterius and I had started spotting and bleeding early they said cells were building up above the mirena and it was causing them to bleed out. Kind of tripy but anyways they removed it and put me back on the patch.

You know things hasn't been easy the last 3 years. Actually to be more exact I think this has been one of the hardest times in my life and the ball hasn't stopped rolling either. In the time I have been absent I have been working on issues with myself, with being around my son more, been sick, and also been trying to come to grips with the fact that next month Chris will probably be going to jail until sentencing because he owes $18,333 in back child support on Lexi...yeah and we were supposed to be getting married in July....kissed that goodbye. And when it rains it pours because Ohio's child support papers got filled out and he is about to be hit with child support for Kk. I just wish that we could afford a lawyer because on Lexi's case he has to get a 5 for 5 probation which means if he misses a single payment then he goes to prison for 5 years. I stick by him because I love him through it all. Yeah you know something I have hit rock bottom not to the extent he did but we are building our life back up but the curve balls keep us down. I think I have come to grips with the fact that I am probably going to have to be the main breadwinner because he will have to shell out at least $250 for KY child support and then depending on his OH baby momma's income decides how much he will have to pay for Kk. It helps that right now he has no income and such a high cost on Lexi but who knows what will happen. Different states different laws. Speaking of indictments...Xay's daddy got indicted on his daughters and Xay's child support. He owes $7,600 on his. I think that he also gets put on probation but not as bad of one as Chris'