Thursday, November 17, 2011

Taco Bell

So two days ago I was blessed with getting a real job at the new KFC/Taco Bell. It's only the second week it has been open and it stays busy but I was excited because they pay weekly. It's small things like that which allows me to know God is walking with me.

I have to renew my domain name when I get paid because as of right now the site is down. Kind of aggravating but I haven't had the money to do any better.

Xay finally got over his ear infection and mostly over is cold. He is so much like me in personality yet he is also very much his own person.

I got about 15 minutes before I got to go in to work. 8 hours of pure craziness but it's worth it I don't have any other choice at the moment. I do wonder how this will effect my holiday plans though.

I go to Win City to see David tonight. Hard to believe its been a week already since he got in trouble. I miss him something crazy but I know I got stuff I have to keep going till he gets out.

Well time to go in. Hope y'all have a blessed day.