Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Lessons Learned

Today was one of those days. Mom was on one of her rants about everything she has to pay, how I shouldn't walk anywhere because I could get kidnapped. We ended up fighting over it.

I possibly found a house for $250 a month.I think I can afford it by December but it kind of scares me the thought of having more bills and worrying if I take the food stamps then mom and dad won't have food.

I told mom I found and a house possibly and she got mad and asked what I would do when she moved to Campbellsville. Jackson is home; maybe not so much the town as these mountains. They are a part of my identity.

She has an issue with most of the people I am around. I have learned though over the last year that you shouldn't judge people for what they do but rather how they treat you as a person. If they haven't done me wrong then why judge them?

Mom says I will regret every thing someday and maybe I will regret some but I also think mistakes are lessons learned. I yearn so bad to have a calm life and even now there is still so much drama. I love my mom but I hate her ways and I know she is the same way about me.

Best part of the day was laying with Xay and watching Toy Story 3 on the computer. He is such an independent boy just like me...well worse to hear my parents talk. I am happy he is though in a way. I know he might be a handful but he will stand on his own two feet and hopefully never be pushed around. I want him to grow up and question what does not seem right and to learn to make his own choices but that every choice has a consequence.

Time for bed it's close to 1am and I have to be back up at 7:30am.