Sunday, October 30, 2011

No idea

Not really sure what to write but I wanna rewrite something I wrote when I was younger.

Whatever happens or whatever has happened, I did what I did. My choices, for the most part, have been my own. I need no justification, no clarification, nor any absolution. I live my life like anyone else -- one moment at a time. My choices are made out of obligation, necissity, frustration, or sometimes just spontaneously. Still, they were my own, and I have lived with the consequences.

What is the point in guilt? Will anyone else know my guilt? If so. will it be known that it is geunine? If so, will it mamtter? No.

So go ahead, live my life. See the world through my eyes. Deal with what I've dealt with and then when you land on my doorstepin my shoes you can tell me what I've done wrong and how to correct it. When you have held my pain and ectasy, when you've felt my loss and accomplisments, when you've kknwon the falls and rushes then...then you come to me and tell me what YOU think and how YOU feel. In the meantime don't judge me. You have no right. You have no idea.