Monday, September 26, 2011

Tattooed Mamas

Getting tattoos can be a hobby or be about something that really matters. I have had a lot of arguments with my mother about getting tattoos and also find myself explaining my tattoos to other people often. But when you stop to think about it more and more mamas are stepping outside what people used to see as the norm and starting to get tatted up.

This one was for my sister and brothers.
For me my first tattoo was a mistake actually it wouldn't have been a mistake had it been done properly and stayed the first time rather it ended up being covered up by a purple cherry blossom in memory of my grandmother after about four years. My next tattoos would include a lotus flower on my left foot and a sock (like a sleeve) on my right foot which consists of three stars for my brothers and sister, a breastfeeding fairy for my son, a claddagh for my irish heritage, the adoption sign for the fact that I was adopted when I was four days old, the cherry blossom and the word family because my foot is about  family. The final piece will be a crown to finish it off for my mother because pageants were always mine and her thing. I also have a wooden skeleton key because I always loved that type of key and also the wording "For our life to be about today, cantering towards tomorrow, without yesterday reminders." Which is my little reminder.

But I am not the only one with tattoos. Today there are a lot of mamas out there getting tatted up. So I decided to get on to Mckmamas community and ask the question about how people felt about tattoos. Here were some of the responses that I liked.

This was my second tat and it for me was a sign that no
matter where you come from you can grow into something

Betsy from Funky Mama Bird said "I edit a tattoo magazine and I can't tell you how many women (myself included!) got tattoos BECAUSE they are moms. I had three tats before I had my son, then I had a tat of two birds linked put on my hand to represent my son and I. He loves it and loves to point out the "Mama birdie" and the "Gunne birdie."

Shiela stated that she ":) just got a tat yesterday - 3 hearts on my foot - the colors of the hearts are my 3 daughter's birthstones. it's my 2nd one (i'm 45) long as they are tasteful, i don't have a problem, and my daughters know that it is something that i didn't do until i was married and was sure that their dad wouldn't mind. i have not regretted mine! :) "

The breastfeeding fairy was a symbol of my
motherhood journey. The bird was later covered
up by a purple cherry flower for my grandmother.

Penny said "I got my first tattoo last year right after I turned 40. It's on my upper back - an outline of the state of TX with the state flag colored in. I love it. My 5YO is asking when it's going to come off (he's had temporary tattoos and I guess that's what he thinks it is). "

The Mommy from Long Daze Short Years told a story of her daughter, "My daughter (then 3) and I were shopping and we saw a young woman with all of her visible skin covered in tattoos. My daughter, full of concern, said, "Oh, NO, Mommy! That lady has marker ALL OVER her!!" LOL! She had just gotten in a bit of trouble the day before for coloring on herself..."

The claddagh is for my Irish heritage and the circle/triangle is
the national sign for adoption.

Every person has some kind of reason at the time they get a tattoo yet there are still people out there that think tattoos are bad. What do I say? I say to each person their own. I as of yet do not have any tattoos that I cannot cover up. Mainly because I try and work and I don't particularly want to be stuck trying to hide a lot of tattoos because people think it is "unprofessional." But there are those that are tatted out and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

As for people wondering if it is setting a bad example for the kids my belief is that in todays society this is something kids are going to see and deal with especially as they get older. I plan to teach my son and any future kids that if they want a tattoo they need to think hard about it and make sure that it is something they won't regret later in life. A tattoo should have a special meaning and even if someone else doesn't get it as long as they know what it means that is all that matters.