Sunday, September 25, 2011

Filling in The Time

The last 12 days have been fairly boring. Chris has been gone on what he said was a much needed "break," so he along with my car is in Ohio for a unannounced period of time. Much to my dismay I might put in here. Though I have been lonely due to the lack of his presence I have spent a whole heck of a lot of time reading, walking, spending time with Xay, and thinking. I have been going absolutely crazy within the confines of this house and so I find the need to fill my time with something.

So far I have been placed at the local food pantry to volunteer on Mon, Tue, Wed, and Fri. I have Youth/College bible study that I want to start going to on Saturday nights and on Sundays I have church, church lunch, and hopefully community choir. Thursdays is gonna turn into mommy/son time because mom does papers. So I think that fills my week with something but it still leaves a lot of time.

So yesterday I decided to find something to fill that time with. So I decided to take Xay's Halloween / Fall pictures. The shirt is one that I found at The Children's Place. I thought it was too cute and it glows in the dark. It is actually a 3T so it will probably make a reapperance next year too.