Saturday, July 30, 2011

My Life Story Uncut Uncensored part 2 : The Teen Years

When I was 13 I wanted to sing in school badly. So my mom teamed up with the local middle school which allowed me to take four classes. I would take science, math, journalism, and choir at the school and then take history and the rest of the classes at home. That was like an eye opener to the world at a whole. Before I had been rather sheltered. I had home school friends which were prodominately Christians. Going to public school introduced me to people doing drugs, smoking, cussing, and boys. I stayed a good girl actually amazingly for a few years. I had little boyfriends here and there but my first real love and the rebellion that happened afterwards came at 15.

15 was the year I lost my virginity to a boy whom made me feel like I owed it to me. 15 was the year I met Chris for the first time my first love even though it lasted three weeks we became good friends off and on over the years. 15 was the year I got black out drunk for the first time and that is something I still regret to this day.

16 I met Jamie who was almost 10 years my senior. That was my first taste of the world of drugs close up and personal. Managed to stay clean because I got beat and shit got broke everytime he got high on xanxs. I was scared to leave yet scared to stay. One particularly bad fight where he was breaking my stuff that I actually cherished caused me to snap I ran out the house which ended in my parents and I fighting my dad restraining me in a head lock and the police getting called. I told them to take me to the Juvenile Dention Center. I processed and locked up for 5 days. Taught me a hard lesson. It was my choice to be there but that didn't make it no easier. I got pulled aside a lot by the guards wanting to know why I was there because I was such a good girl, warning me not to try to talk to the others because they were "bad seeds."

17 rolled around and I finally broke free of Jamie only to trade one drug addict for another. This one introduced me to the world of weed. I became an active smoker. I worked hard and in turn played hard. Chris came back into the picture for the second time when I turned 18 we made another go of it but he was to bad on drugs for us to work so I left him. I dated this red headed boy for a while the only real thing we had in common was smoking weed. I was a much mellower person less mouthy towards my parents I turned graduated a year early...took my GED and ACT which I got a 22 on. I was doing college work at of the summer of 2006.