Friday, July 29, 2011

My Life Story Uncut Uncensored part 1 : The Early Years

Before I was born my mother planned to give me up. I was the daughter to a white drug addict and a black man whom she had my brother by 13 months before me. I was born out of revenge sex acording to her. My grandparents had her other three kids age 2,1, 1 year and they didn't want another baby. No one told my dad. I was never supposed to know her but for the first four days of my life she took care of me. Until I was given to my family whom was white; a woman who wanted a tanned skin daughter badly and a man that just thought the world shined through this little green bundle. I was the baby. My adopted mother had two sons previously. One had died when he was five years old when our brother then nine years old ran over him with a tractor and haybaler.

I was raised an only child however because by the time I came along my brother was married and had a child about three years older then I am. When we lived in central Kentucky we used to play a lot she and I. I also had a cousin (my dads, sisters son) whom I insisted that I was going to marry when I grew up. I was two what can I saw.

My mother put me in pageants from the time I was three months old. I was always going to some place to compete. I actually got her turned in for child abuse once at a pagenat when I we was at a fair in July. I was twirling around the poles of the tent when she told me to stop but I was having way to much fun. She marched me across the cow field all the while me crying I want my daddy and I will get moo poo on my dress! A couple swats landed her in a lot of trouble. After that she decide to have my dad take a job oppoutunity that would take us 181 miles away from our family to the Appalachian foothills in Kentucky. At three years old I arrived here I was one two mixed kids at the time in this town and I got asked a lot if I was her sister. My dad worked as a disc jockey at the local radio station, both active in the local festival community life wasn't always easy but we lived okay.

When I was 6 that changed my dad had a stroke. What went from a playful father turned into someone I couldn't play with because I would get hurt. It wasn't that he meant to he just no longer knew his own strength. He know longer could think and carry on a conversation the way he could before so he lost his job. Life was rough for awhile mom took on cleaning jobs dad finally got unemployment life went on. Pagenats were still the constant in my life throughout everything that happened around me.

We would travel to Central Kentucky a lot to see the family. My granny (my mothers mom) was a constant too she would tell me stories about her kids and her life growing up. She came to live with us briefly. She wasn't happy it wasn't home. She was a tough woman too when she would watch me. She moved back to Central Kentucky after a few months.

My mother lost me once in the house. We had a cubboard under the stairs (haha Harry Potter pun intended) which I thought was nifty I was I would say about 5 or 6 and I didn't want to take a bath that night. So I grabbed my teddy (the one I had since I was born at the hospital), and a flash light and curled up in a box of blankets and went to sleep. My mother yelled for me searched every room, down the street to the neighbors, and finally called the cops. The officer opened the door to the closet and there I was sound asleep perfectly fine.

I was pulled out of school when I was in the third grade due to racism and bullying. I was home schooled and that was pretty cool because we would travel and I would do school. We went to visit my papaw (my dads father) in Michigan and went to the Henry Ford Mueseum with my best friend at the time. It was pretty cool all kinds of Model T fords and stuff like that. I was to young probably 8-9 and couldn't fully apperciate it but the cars stick in my memory. It took us until I was 12 to get the internet and then it was over. My school had to be on the computer and when I wasn't on the computer doing school I was on the internet looking stuff up and role playing with my friends. I learned a lot.

TBC....The Teen Years.